A man was arrested Sunday at an auto shop with a stolen car and a folder of car titles.

At 5:46 a.m., Rochester police were called to Bear Creek Auto Sales at 604 Fourth St. SE. The caller reported a man wearing a bandana walking around in the shop.

The first officers who arrived met Isaac Samaj Coley, a 26-year-old Rochester resident, who claimed to be an employee at the shop. Coley was carrying a folder full of car titles and other documents from Bear Creek, Sgt. Frank Ohm said.

Coley said he kept his employee ID in his vehicle, and led the officers out to an orange Jeep Wrangler that was running outside.

At that point, a third officer arrived and recognized the vehicle as one that was reported missing.

The officers ran the plates on the vehicle, found that the car had been stolen, and arrested Coley.

It is possible that Coley planned to use the documents to forge a title for the stolen car, Ohm said.

The owner of Bear Creek Auto Sales arrived, confirmed that Coley was not an employee at the shop and noted some missing items, (including documents and a checkbook), all of which were found on Coley or in the car.

Police also collected DNA from an injury Coley had sustained while inside the building.

Coley is expected to be charged with fourth-degree burglary (a gross misdemeanor), theft of a motor vehicle (a felony) and possession of stolen property, Ohm said.

The Jeep Wrangler was returned to its owner.