A Rochester woman who police say tried to kill herself and her five children was found Monday to be incompetent to stand trial.

Farhiyo Mohamed Abdullahi, 33, faces five counts of attempted murder after she allegedly ran her car in a closed garage for about two hours with a hose connected to the exhaust pipe through a car window.

Abdullahi, will face civil commitment hearing after neither her attorney nor prosecutors objected to an evaluation by court appointed psychologist Linda Marshall that Adbullahi was not competent to stand trial and “would have some difficulty working with her attorney on her defense.”

Abdullahi appeared in court, but said little in the short hearing.

The pending charges against Abdullahi are not dismissed. Instead, the case has been suspended until Abdullahi is pronounced stable and her competency re-evaluated.

A civil commitment hearing is scheduled for Dec. 20. If Abdullahi is civilly committed, she will be taken to a secure facility for treatment until she is declared stable and will then be returned to the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center for evaluation.

The competency ruling does not affect the criminal charges against her but reflects her ability to understand and participate in the legal proceedings she faces.

Police went to Abdullahi's home Oct. 2 after a family member called to report that Abdullahi had locked her five children in a car for a few hours. Police did not have enough evidence to take her into custody on charges or for a mental health evaluation at the time. However, as police left the building, a neighbor flagged them down to tell them a fight was happening in Abdullahi’s home. They found Abdullahi being held down by her 24-year-old sister to prevent Abdullahi from assaulting her, Rochester Police Lt. Mike Sadauskis said.

When police later interviewed Abdullahi’s children — ages 11, 10, 9, 7 and 4 years old — they learned about the attempted suicide.

Abdullahi allegedly admitted to police she had tried to kill herself and the children but “it didn’t work out,” according to the complaint filed against her.

"(Abdullahi) had hoped that they would all die peacefully," the complaint states.