A person and three dogs were rescued from the Willow Creek Reservoir at 8:31 a.m. Friday. The reservoir is at 1343 Lone Pine Drive SW.

The person had gone into chest-deep water and needed assistance getting out. The individual was able to move to water that was about knee deep and wait for rescue. 

Three firefighters went out on a rescue boat and were able to locate the individual and the three dogs near some trees. Two firefighters got out of the boat, assisted the person and the dogs to the boat and transported them back to shore.

Mayo Clinic Ambulance personnel and firefighters assessed the individual and found the person was not in need of medical attention. The Olmsted Country Sheriff's Office was also at the scene.

The Rochester Fire Department would like to remind the community that because of recent rainfall, water levels in local bodies of water are higher than usual, which could make the water hazardous for people who enter or go near the water.

High or fast-moving water covering roadways and paths can wash out roadways or cover paths with hazardous material or mud.

Sara was the 2019 summer intern in the Post-Bulletin newsroom. She is a student at the University of Missouri, where she studies journalism. She plans to graduate in 2021.