A Rochester man was critically injured Friday night after the car he was working on slipped off a jack and fell on him, a Rochester Fire Department official said. 

The accident occurred at 2118 Campus Drive SE, in Rochester, and was reported at 7:01 p.m. Friday. Rochester fire and rescue personnel arrived at the accident scene to find the man had been rescued by bystanders but was badly injured and was rushed to Mayo Clinic Hospital–Saint Marys.

The fire department did not provide the name of the injured man. A report on his condition could not be obtained Saturday afternoon. 

A Rochester official said that auto repairs that require a person to get under a vehicle can be extremely dangerous if proper safety precautions are not observed. The department offered four main tips. 

1. Always park the vehicle on a level paved surface before jacking it up. 

2. Use the jack only to get a vehicle off the ground, never to hold a vehicle in place.

3. Use jack stands when working underneath a vehicle. People have been crushed to death when vehicles that were improperly secured fell on them.

4. Never jack up a vehicle without blocking the wheels to keep it from rolling. Use bricks, wooden wedges or metal wheel chocks to block the wheels at the end of the car that isn't being raised.