A Rochester man is facing a total of eight felony drug charges in two cases after police said he sold heroin to a confidential informant.

Benjamin Aaron Nichols II, 62, is charged in Olmsted County District Court with two counts of third-degree drug sales, three counts of third-degree drug possession and three counts of second-degree drug sales. He made his first appearance in court on those charges Friday morning.

In one case, a police say a confidential informant made two controlled purchases of heroin from Nichols. For each buy, the informant was given $120 to purchase heroin from Nichols and then turn the drugs over to police.

The first buy, which occurred on April 5 at a business directly across the street from Lincoln Elementary School, netted approximately 0.96 grams of suspected heroin.

During the second buy three days later, the informant turned over approximately 1.6 grams of suspected heroin he purchased from Nichols, according to court records. That purchase occurred in the area of Bear Creek Park.

Rochester police stopped Nichols around 12:50 p.m. on Wednesday. At that time, officers had probable cause to arrest Nichols for the drug buys that occurred in April, according to court records.

When Nichols was searched at the time of his arrest, police allegedly found a dozen small bundles of suspected heroin weighing a total of 7.1 grams, including packing.

Nichols next court date is scheduled for Oct. 16.