Put cat-litter buckets to good use

DEAR HELOISE: Here is another suggestion for the cat-litter buckets. I use one under the kitchen sink to collect recyclables: tin and aluminum cans, plastic drink bottles and glass containers. When full, I carry the bucket to the garage to separate the contents into larger containers.

Thanks for all you do to make our lives less complicated. — Mary Allen, San Angelo, Texas


Good hint, Mary. Here is another hint, from Rachel M.: "I did not like seeing the large product labels on the cat-litter tubs, so I purchased some very inexpensive self-sticking shelf liner and covered all the labels. The tubs now look much more attractive and can be used anywhere in the house. I made my own labels for each tub — one to store the bag of dog food, one for pet supplies and one for cleaning supplies.

"I also use the plain tubs outside for gardening tools, potting soil and as a small trash can while I prune my roses. The tubs come in very handy, and they stack well, too!"


— Heloise

DEAR HELOISE: When you have a party, do not leave out those partially empty glasses that contain alcoholic beverages. Your curious pets could get into them. If they ingest alcoholic beverages, it could cause them to become very ill. Clean up right after the gathering. — Viv A., Salem, Ore.

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