RANDOM -- NATE DUNFEE John Marshall baseball

Year: Junior.

Position: Shortstop.

Post-Bulletin: At what age did you start playing baseball, and have you always played the same position?

Dunfee: I started hitting in the backyard with my dad when I was 3. I started TeeBall at 7, and started traveling baseball when I was 12. I've played shortstop just about my whole life, except for last year when I played a lot at third base.

Post-Bulletin: Do you have a favorite memory in your baseball career?


Dunfee: My favorite memory from baseball would have to be getting second place at the state tournament when I was in seventh grade. It was hard to lose at the time, but now I'm proud of what we accomplished that year.

Post-Bulletin: Are you a fan of baseball beyond playing the game, or does it lose its appeal for you as a spectator sport?

Dunfee: I enjoy watching the Twins, and going to watch Mayo and Century play when they're in town.

Post-Bulletin: What's the best part about playing baseball for you; getting a clutch hit, or making a great catch, or something else?

Dunfee: I love hitting more than anything else in baseball. There's no better feeling than coming up with a clutch hit late in the game when your team needs it.

Post-Bulletin: What would you be doing today after school if you didn't have practice or a game?

Dunfee: I'd probably be playing hockey in a spring league somewhere. When I'm not playing baseball I spend a lot of time on the ice.

Post-Bulletin: Do you think you will keep playing baseball after high school?


Dunfee: I'd like to play baseball somewhere after high school, but I'd also like to play hockey, so I'll just have to see how the next year and a half turns out, and hope I don't get injured.

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