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1. What did you think of Tarvaris Jackson’s play on Sunday? Should he start Thursday at Green Bay?

Everyone knows by now how I feel about Brad Johnson. Although the Vikings are still not "mathematically eliminated" from the playoffs, it’s time to give Jackson some reps to see if he is, in fact, our quarterback of the future, which I truly think he is. The Jets defense may have been a little more soft and relaxed when Jackson entered the game, but 177 yards passing and an additional 20 on the ground in just over a quarter of play is quite impressive. Jackson has a better arm, can make plays with his legs and actually adds a little bit of excitement to Vikings football. Coach Childress says Johnson gives us the best chance to win, but does it matter any more? It’s time to look at the future. It’s time to go with Jackson.

— Brian Olson


We can actually feel OK after a loss because we finally got to see our future QB, and the future is bright! I feel we’ve been cheated by coach Brad Childress for waiting too long to put the kid in. The ovation from the crowd was duplicated across Minnesota living rooms with a "finally" feeling and exclamations. Brad Johnson has great experience, is a great guy, a will-be good backup and mentor for the next couple games and next year. But "No Mas" as a starter! There was more excitement with every snap he took than we’ve had in a dozen games.


Jackson brings elusiveness, a gun arm, the threat to run and just a general electricity and optimism for the future. I cannot imagine any reason they could try to justify not starting him. What a great stage to start your first game, against No. 4 in Lambeau! This kid might be the only way the marketing deptartment can avoid a blackout and sell the last tickets to the Rams game, too. How novel, the product on the field selling tickets instead of all the gimmicks they’ve been trying. Jackson should throw about 10,000 passes to Williamson in the offseason and get his head on straight.

P.S. — Get rid of Williamson’s vertical bar in his facemask so he can see Jackson’s bullets coming better.

— Dan Nelson


Almost everyone and their grandmother thinks Tarvaris Jackson should start Thursday night at Green Bay. (Well, maybe not Brad Johnson’s grandmother.) According to the crowd noise we heard on TV,the fans thought Brad Childress should have put him in much sooner. I was about to take a nap, but when he came in the game, I woke up. In fact the entire stadium woke up, including the football team. Jackson is quick, he can run, he can throw the ball, and he is cool under pressure. He and Mewelde Moore seem to have a great chemistry together. 

A Packers game is always important to Viking fans, if it’s a playoff game or anything else. So let’s hope our coach gives us a chance to win Thursday night by starting Jackson.

— Audrey Christison



Jackson’s play was promising; he should play the rest of the season. However, note that Jackson threw an interception in the red zone. Unless the Vikings change the predictable play calling, tighten their pass defense, and cut out the penalties, the Vikings will lose their last two games. After taking advantage of the early turnover, the Vikings did not move the ball until late in the first half. The predictable play calling (run on first down), resulted in a series of threeand-outs. The Vikings defense did not force a punt until the end of the third quarter — and that was when the Jets had three penalties. Once again, the Vikings stopped the run, but left the pass wide open. With no pressure and no coverage,  Pennington had his career high in passing yards.

— Mike McDermott


Tarvaris looked very confident. He passed for a touchdown when he was under pressure. That shows me he can handle being blitzed on. He did throw an interception, but that pass was not a horrible one. The receiver had a fighting chance at making the play, so I will not think less of Tarvaris for throwing that interception. Tarvaris should start next week because Brad has nothing left. When he drops back to pass, he is immediately bracing himself to get sacked. Brad isn’t playing to win, however he is playing not to lose. That is not how you play in the NFL, and it shows that Brad’s competitive edge is gone. Tarvaris is our future, and Brad Johnson is our past, one in which we would like to forget.

— Jay Adkins


2. What can the Vikings do to help Troy Williamson?

How many balls did Troy Williamson drop? I counted five. He needs to work on his eye-hand coordination. Cris Carter has a school in Florida for receivers with that problem. But I would think the coaching staff would be working on that with him. Obviously not. The Vikings seemed to come to life when Tarvaris Jackson came into the game. His passes were crisp, his mobility is much better then Brad Johnson. The receivers responded better to Tarvaris Jackson. If Brad Childress doesn’t play Jackson, I think we need to look for a new coach. But if Brad Childress continues to start Brad Johnson, at least we will end up with a higher draft choice.


— Ken DeCramer

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