Rec Center mold removal continues

From staff reports

Mold-removal work at the Rochester-Olmsted Recreation Center has fallen one week behind schedule, but officials say they still expect the project to be finished by June 1.

Ron Bastian, sports facilities director for the Park and Recreation Department, said the project contractor, Veit Environmental Services of Rogers, Minn., has determined it must use more mold-killing paint than previously thought to adequately cover the mold.

The mold is in the ceilings above the two Rec Center ice rinks. Park officials have said they do not consider the mold a health threat, but some youth sports leaders feared mold was causing asthma-like symptoms in people.

The project calls for removing mold from the ice rink ceilings and ventilation system. It does not include mold removal in the gymnasium, swimming pool or locker rooms.


Work began April 14. Park officials and the contractor set aside six weeks for the project. Work is being done at the two ice rinks one at a time. Officials estimated mold removal would take two weeks at each rink.

So, despite the current delay, "we're OK," Bastian said. "The second rink is going to go a lot smoother."

The contractor will bear the cost of using more paint, Bastian said.

The park department hired Veit on a $438,703 contract.

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