Recruiter drowns out demonstrators with song

Associated Press

MANKATO, Minn. -- An army sergeant's response to a weekly anti-war protest has hit a nerve with some of the demonstrators.

First Sgt. John Szewczyk decided two weeks ago to blast patriotic music during the noontime protest, which happens outside his Mankato recruiting office. Some protesters have taken issue with the music from a CD called, "God Bless the USA -- Kids Sing Songs for America."

"Just kill the music," pleaded Steve Springer, a veteran opposed to the war in Iraq.

Protester Doris Berger said, "As an old retired school teacher, I think it's infantile."


Other protesters said they weren't bothered by Szewczyk's music. "Actually, I like the music," protester Lynn Kidder said. "The kids have beautiful voices."

Szewczyk said the protesters are entitled to their opinions, but he doesn't think Americans should show they're divided during wartime.

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