Registration stations stay busy

By John Weiss

The Post-Bulletin


Russ Goenner came south last weekend from McGregor in central Minnesota to hunt near Plainview with his buddies.

It’s the big reason he comes, to see friends, chat, catch up on old times. He’s been doing it for at least 20 years.


This year, he went home with more than memories, he took home a large 10-point buck that weighed about 235 pounds field dressed. "Opening morning, he came in," he said. "Somebody else had nicked him." The buck caught his scent and tried to run but Goenner shot him at about 75 yards. The big buck ran about 100 feet before dying.

He wasn’t alone in bringing in a deer, though his was considerably larger than most. Checks of several places where hunters could register deer show numbers were up from last year, and a few big bucks were in those numbers.

At Alco in Caledonia, Saturday and Sunday were very busy days, busier than usual. The store registered 40 deer between 9 a.m. and noon Sunday.

At the BP station in Houston, "We’ve done real real well, I would say it’s probably up from last year," said manager Teesh Vix. One buck was a 15-pointer.

Mauer Brothers in Elba, reports registering 125 over the weekend, compared with 211 for all of 3A last year. That probably means this year will match 2005. The biggest was an 18-point non-typical shot by a Winona hunter. Another hunter came in with a 13-pointer. "There are some nice bucks here," said Nancy Roberts. Everyone seemed happy. "I’ve had some good reports."

At Magnum Sports in Chatfield, the number and size of deer seemed about average, with one buck in the 170-inch range. To see pictures of some of the big bucks, go on the Web to and click on "kill zone."

Department of Natural Resources conservation officers reported generally good hunting with a lot of deer harvested.

MORE PUBLIC LAND: The Trust for Public Land has transferred 158 acres of bottomland along the Zumbro River near Kellogg to the DNR to connect the Kruger Recreation Area and Zumbro Bottoms to make more than 4,000 contiguous acres of public land.


The transfer means the Zumbro Bottoms and Kruger Recreation Area, which are both part of the DNR’s forestry division, are connected. It also means there are about nine contiguous miles of Zumbro River open to the public. The area now has one of the largest blocks of floodplain in the southeast.

The trust was able to act quickly and buy the land from the former owner. The $460,000 came from the DNR’s Reinvest in Minnesota and forestry funds. The trust and The Nature Conservancy donated land in the past to help match the RIM money.

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