Renovations simply delightful

Congratulations to all concerned with the beautification of downtown.

I’ve enjoyed the new Peace Plaza with outdoor dining, Farmers Market and art crawls on Thursdays, music, and sidewalk sales. The flowers around the downtown area and the Mayo Clinic campus have been gorgeous.

A modern automat on the main floor of the old Woolworth Building, outdoor movies shown against the side of a Mayo building periodically and a few theaters downtown would be nice. Restoration of commerce close to the river area would be an additional perk, as well as additional walkway/subway access.

My only complaint is the sidewalk repair downtown looks like a patchwork quilt gone bad. Replacements don’t match the original color or pattern of the sidewalk. The brick or tinted sidewalks are much warmer than the glaring gray that gives the appearance of an asphalt jungle.

Keep delighting us with additional downtown beautification.


J. Gartner


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