Rochester City Council Ward 6 candidates discuss representing neighborhoods

Six candidates weigh in with views on how they can ensure Ward 6 neighborhoods aren't overlooked

Ward 6 city council - Candidates combined
Rochester City Council Ward 6 candidates: Donavan Bailey, Molly Dennis, David Diercks, Todd Pisarski, Tom Rigby and Craig Ugland.

Six candidates for the Ward 6 seat on the Rochester City Council -- Donavan Bailey , David Diercks, Molly Dennis , Todd Pisarski , Craig Ugland and Tom Rigby .-- were asked to provide their thoughts on making sure Ward 6 neighborhoods aren't overlooked.

The question posed was: Your ward includes many established neighborhoods. How can the council ensure the neighborhoods are not overlooked as growth and development occurs in other parts of the city?

The Post Bulletin requested a video response of up to 90 seconds in length from each candidate. Here are the responses we received:

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The candidates for the seat, which represents much of Northwest Rochester, are on the ballot for the Aug. 11 primary election to narrow candidates to two for the Nov. 3 general election.


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