Rochester man charged with theft of computer monitor, projector

By Janice Gregorson

Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

A Rochester man who said he was just downtown to fill out job applications now faces criminal charges for allegedly going into a building at Mayo Clinic and taking a computer monitor and projector.

Jason Arlend Vold, 38, 904 19th St. S.E., is charged with theft and receiving stolen property. A summons has been issued for him to be in Olmsted District Court June 16.

According to the complaint, the charges stem from an incident on Nov. 24 when Vold was caught on Mayo security videos walking out of the clinic’s Healthy Living Center with the property. That included a vision projector, a ceiling mount for the projector, and a 19-inch flat screen computer monitor. The total value is estimated at $2,969.


The complaint says that surveillance video shows that Vold rode his bike to the clinic building and parked on the east side by the fire exit doors, walked around almost the entire building, and entered on the west side at 8:45 a.m. Once in the building, he entered an unlocked conference room where the vision projector and computer monitor were located. The complaint said Mayo maintenance officials say it takes 20 minutes to get one of the projectors off the ceiling. At 9:14 a.m., the video camera caught Vold coming out of the conference room carrying the vision projector and computer monitor.

Police called Vold two days later. He told the officers he was downtown filling out job applications and parked his bike at the side of the Mayo building because he didn’t want it to get stolen. He wandered through the building. He told the officer that he saw the vision projector, so he used a table to get up by it and unscrewed it from the ceiling and pulled the wires off, the complaint says. He said the computer monitor was sitting on the table in the corner, and he took that as well.

At 8:27 a.m. on Nov. 29, the security control center operator for Mayo received a call from a person identifying himself as Vold saying he wanted to return the missing equipment. He said he had the equipment, was in the building reception area, and wanted to return the equipment.

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