Rochester residents encouraged to participate in parks system plan survey

Surveys sent to 5,500 households seek to gauge whether five-year-old plan meets current expectations

Rochester Parks and Recreation logo

Rochester’s Parks & Recreation Department is conducting a survey to determine whether goals and policies in its 2016 system plan still fit community desires.

The system plan was developed to guide improvements to make sure the facilities, programs and amenities meet community needs, and to make sure they were economically sustainable during a 20-year period.

“Rochester has continued to grow and evolve, especially with use of the parks and trail system during the pandemic. We look forward to seeing how this data informs how we move forward as a department,” Parks and Recreation Director Paul Widman said in a statement

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The survey includes a randomized sampling of 5,500 households which are asked toanonymously answer eight questions. Households chosen have started receiving notice.


An opt-in opportunity will be made available to all Rochester community members in the coming weeks.

In addition to the surveys, various organizations will host a series of community conversations that are centered on the questions asked in the survey.

“Rochester is truly a diverse community, from those who have lived here their whole life, moved here to make Rochester their new home, or those who come here for medical treatment or care," said Chao Mwatela, Rochester’s diversity, equity and inclusion director. “We are committed to taking steps to ensure as many voices are included in our review and decision-making process.”

The Parks & Recreation System Plan can be found on the City of Rochester website .

Results of the survey and planned community conversations will be shared in early fall.

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