Safe bet — Program focuses on power production

A 12-week program guaranteed to increase power, speed, strength and maximize athletic potential sounds too good to be true, but Scott Safe is making this a reality for many local athletes.

The scientifically based training program focuses on power production in the triple extension of the ankle, knee and hip area, which in turn will enhance athletic performance no matter what sport you play.

The program begins with an evaluation and assessment of vertical jump, agility and power. State-of-the-art equipment and video analysis allows the coaches to measure power output and assess mechanics of movements. Participants are then placed in skill appropriate levels of semi-private groups of 8 to 12 athletes.

With a 10-level training system, athletes are taught mechanics to eliminate injury issues, and are challenged at each stage of training to maintain progress. Through kinesthetic awareness with lightweight loads, participants can learn how to produce more power so it’s a coordinated effort.

Once a month, athletes will have an opportunity to test for the next level. Having small goals along the way helps keep it exciting.


"Every time an athlete trains there is an opportunity for them to make their personal record, because of the 1-kilo rule," Safe says. "They can go up 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) instead of the common 5-pound increments that are in most of the health clubs. As a coach, watching kids make their PR is what it’s all about."

What makes this program so successful is that it is based on the idea of "Supercompensation," which is the same periodization program that is used at the Olympic training center. It includes a base week, load week, recovery week and a peak week that is cycled three times for a total of 12 weeks. Each time a cycle is repeated, the base weight changes to a new level. This form of training makes the body continually adapt to new workloads, and increase in strength.

"We have seen tremendous results with our kids in Cannon Falls, with 14 of them competing at Junior Nationals," Safe says.

Safe encourages people of all ages that are not necessarily into sports to participate in his program as well.

This isn’t just about being physically strong and fit, but it’s also about personal growth and building self confidence.

Shelly Greenfield as an athletic trainer and writer in Rochester. Fitness matters features the fitness stories of area residents. To offer your story, e-mail

Scott Safe

• Former powerlifting competitor, certified trainer and strength coach,


• Owner of Safe Weightlifting and Athletic Training Center

• Quote: "As a coach, watching kids make their PR (personal record) is what it’s all about."

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