Sarah Inwards — Start the school week off right

By Sarah Inwards

Every week, a certain ailment afflicts the classrooms of America. It can be felt throughout the day; its symptoms vary from drowsiness to mood swings. It’s the inevitable and almost unbearable Monday Blues.

Not much is known about the dreaded Monday Blues, but many have felt its effects. The things we do know are the signs of the Monday Blues. Once the realization that the weekend has faded into the past sinks in, students tend to feel sluggish, disoriented and perhaps irritable. This, combined with an early rising hour, can create some undesirable outcomes.

The prospect of a new week stuffed with too many activities tends to overwhelm students, even distress them. But fear not, Monday Blues sufferers of the world, for a cure has been discovered.


Or, rather, a few options are available for the overwhelmed teens out there.

Yes, you are starting a new week, but the next weekend is still within view. Try taking one day at a time, and plan for the short term so as not to get overstressed.

Whenever the grumpies start to set in on a dreary Monday morning, try eating your favorite breakfast. Eggs or toast not exactly the key to cheering you up? Perhaps your favorite song can put that spring back in your step if you jam to it on the ride to school. Stuck on the bus with no iPod or CD player in sight? Try dressing in an outfit that you feel and look great in. Fashion not quite your forte? Find what works for you personally. If walking your dog before school puts a smile on your face, then fetch your pup’s leash pronto. If a hot shower is paradise in your eyes, then test the hot water heater, my friend.

Whatever you do, don’t let the Monday Blues slow you down.

You can tackle any obstacle with a smile on your face and a can-do attitude.

Although finding that attitude can seem practically impossible sometimes, treat yourself to something special and give it your best shot.

Good luck, and next week have a happy Monday.

Sarah Inwards is a junior at Mayo High School. To respond to an opinion column, send an e-mail to

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