Schmitz has earned our respect

I support Ray Schmitz for county attorney. Twenty-four years of quality service is a positive. We are well to respect and celebrate the wisdom gained from age and experience. Change, just for the sake of change, is high-risk — which is a negative for public safety.

During his tenure Schmitz was among the first in the state to institute cutting-edge programs we now take for granted, such as victim’s Rights and Pre-trial Diversion. He served several terms on the Sentencing Guidelines Commission. He has been an advocate of enhanced sex offender sanctions and community notification legislation.

Today, Schmitz remains energetic and goal-directed. He is the vice chair for the commission creating the statewide data sharing project, known as Crimnet.

He serves on the board of directors of the Minnesota County Attorney’s Association and he serves on the State Drug and Gang Task Force Oversight Commission. He frequently is asked to conduct conflict-of-interest investigations for other counties. He is respected by his peers as a statewide leader and expert prosecutor.

Effective public safety requires strong leadership. Strong leadership requires proven expertise and experience. Ray Schmitz is, without question, the strongest candidate for county attorney.


Steve Borchardt

Olmsted County Sheriff

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