Seattle's Ichiro is a hitting machine

Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki is doing something all fans can identify with.

He's hitting singles. Lots of them.

I mean, who hasn't done that at some point in our baseball-playing life?

We just haven't done it as often.

With his bat control and foot speed, Suzuki is a hitting machine unlike anyone baseball has ever seen.


Suzuki set a Seattle record with nine hits in the last two games. He now has 247 hits this season, 10 away from tying George Sisler's 84-year-old major league record with 10 games remaining.

Reaching that mark would be challenging to most, except it doesn't appear that way to him. After all, he has nine hits in his last two.

And unlike soon-to-be home run king Barry Bonds, Suzuki isn't that picky. And he isn't being pitched around. No intentional walks, either.

Throw it up there and he slaps it -- to all fields.

Getting on base is what baseball players do. Or don't.

For that, Suzuki is the soon-to-be crowned king.

Tim Grice

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