Security is a matter of self-preservation

The featured letter by Mark Halverson-Wente was thought provoking and carried a worthwhile message. Americans must try to be more compassionate, empathetic and respectful of all people, including those of Muslim background.

However, we also need to be realistic. We are at war with Islamic fundamentalists bent on killing us. Their focus in life is to sacrifice their lives (a Jihad-holy war) against the infidels — us. They will continue to enlist all manner of unorthodox, barbaric and guerilla-style tactics to defeat us abroad and at home.

The potential for attacks on our soil is not over. For our own welfare, we should never forget 9/11. When a group of Islamic Imams was asked to disembark from a commercial plane, I hope they were respectfully asked to submit to additional security precautions before continuing their journey. If any of you had been a passenger on that flight would you have dismissed your apprehensions (real or perceived) about the safety of the flight as you sat in your seat?

I can’t help but think that when your life’s on the line you tend to think more in terms of self-preservation. Prevention is not easy after the plane leaves the ground. Apologetically, it is a sad fact that some in our society must undergo closer scrutiny than others. It’s not discrimination, it’s called security.

Steve Wampler



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