Sleepwalking claimed by U.S. teen in killing case

Associated Press

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — A psychiatrist testified that a Colorado teen was sleepwalking when he allegedly shot and killed his 9-year-old brother and wounded his mother.

Dr. John Hardy gave his testimony at an ongoing hearing to decide if Daniel Gudino, 14, of Colorado Springs will become one of the youngest people in the state to be charged as an adult with second-degree murder.

Authorities say Gudino told police he shot his brother and mother in 2009 and later added in a recorded statement, "I was hoping it was just a nightmare."

In the weeklong hearing that began Monday, Hardy testified that Daniel Gudino was sleepwalking when the shooting occurred.


Hardy said Gudino has parasomnia and thought he was shooting at ghosts.

"If somebody is in a narcoleptic sleepwalking mode, as rare as that might be, they're not conscious, even though they can do some fairly complex behavior," Hardy said.

Prosecutors contend Gudino acted willfully when he picked the lock on a gun cabinet with toothpicks, loaded a .22-caliber rifle, shot his brother in his bed then wounded his mother in the shoulder and stabbed her with a knife and scissors.

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