Slim pickings

Price-reduced PS3 sells a million

By Shaun Conlin

EverGeek Media

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has announced that retail sales of its new PlayStation3 (PS3) CECH-2000A — also known as the PS3 Slim, though Sony hates when you call it that — achieved an internally estimated 1 million units worldwide in the three weeks since its launch on Sept. 1 (Sept. 3 in Japan).

Long lamented as an overpriced overachiever of underwhelming sales performance, the new don’t-call-it-Slim PS3 features a smaller, sleeker form factor and a retail price to match, namely $299.99, down $100 from its full-sized price.


Pre-installed is a bigger hard drive — now at 120GB.

Sony attributes the sales success of the streamlined system to aesthetic appeal coupled with reduced power consumption and fan noise, though $100 off a loud fan system probably would have done the trick.

Sony also noted that it expects the system’s improving line-up of entertainment content expected this holiday season will further expand the PS3 platform.

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