Something about a tournament starting today

Our guys are all over UCLA and Kansas

FELDY: So, Phersy, I heard a big college basketball tournament started today. Something about 64 teams, Cinderella stories, bracket busters and busted brackets. I told our boss my dog ate my homework, my car broke down and I have a touch of the flu. What was your excuse to stay home and watch the opening round of the Big Dance?

PHERSY: I’ve got nothing Feldy. Our fearless leader at the Post-Bulletin would see right through any excuse. So, who are you picking to win it all? I’m all over the UCLA Bruins. They’ve been my favorite team for as long as I can remember. I suffered through some rough times (I loathe you Steve Lavin), but it’s all coming together now.

FELDY: Rock … Chalk … K … U! The Jayhawks are the sole survivor of my office pool bracket (purely for entertainment purposes, of course), in part because I’m a homer for them and in part because I like the way they’re playing right now. Plus, nothing in the world of March Madness would make me happier than to see Roy Williams sent packing in the national semifinals by the school he snubbed five years ago (KU). UNC-ya later, Roy!

PHERSY: The Bruins are experienced, and they have one of the best point guards in the country in Darren Collison. I love the driving ability of Russell Westbrook and the shooting of Josh Shipp. And then there’s the big fella, Kevin Love, who averages 17 points and 10 rebounds per game. He’s the real deal. Plus, the Bruins play phenomenal defense, which carries them if their offense goes into a funk. So Feldy, who’s your upset team to reach the Final Four?


FELDY: UCLA? You must think John Wooden and Lew Alcindor are going to walk back through that door at Pauley Pavilion. As for my glass slipper team, if we’re just looking for a non-No. 1 seed, I’ll go with Louisville. They have a head coach who’s been through the March Madness meat grinder (Rick Pitino). They have a good draw to get to the Sweet 16, but they’ll have to earn it after that, by beating Tennessee and North Carolina. Plus, my wife likes their school colors. And that’s usually a better determining factor than my thoughts on who’s going to win.

PHERSY: I think an upset will happen in the South bracket. I can see Pittsburgh beating Memphis in the Sweet 16, and that potential Texas vs. Stanford matchup could be phenomenal. I’ll go with Texas. I know they’re a No. 2 seed, so it’s not a huge upset, but they have the best backcourt in the country. One last question Feldy: Give me your upset pick that will happen in one of tonight’s games? I’ll go with George Mason over Notre Dame.

FELDY: Kansas State over USC. I’d make an argument for K-State’s Michael Beasley over UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough for national Player of the Year.

PHERSY: Finally, I’d like to give my best wishes to Tommy Pohl and his family. We’re all pulling for you Tommy. Get well soon!

Ben Pherson and Jason Feldman are Post-Bulletin sports writers. For more Faceoff, head to

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