Five years into the Destination Medical Center, or DMC, initiative, we are excited about our progress and grateful to the private developers, the community and other partners who have joined Minnesota, Olmsted County, Rochester and Mayo Clinic in investing in the future of our region.

Our Rochester skyline tells the story of what can happen when a community comes together to execute a vision for planned growth. Rochester has shown us time and again it is committed to the patients who come to Mayo Clinic seeking care. Thank you!

A historic transformation is happening in health care, and Rochester is quickly becoming a hub for the innovation that powers it. DMC has accelerated the number of small startup companies operating in Minnesota that are making a national and global impact. They range from Vyriad, a biopharmaceutical company created by Mayo Clinic scientists that is re-engineering viruses to attack cancer cells, to GoRout, which develops wearable technology and software that helps football teams in the U.S., Canada and Europe run efficient practices.

Discovery Square, an applied research and development hub in downtown Rochester, will open this spring and help accelerate innovation on a larger scale to benefit patients. We are working with industry leaders to expand our ability to help patients beyond our Mayo Clinic locations, while growing the Minnesota economy beyond our direct patient care activities.

All of these are examples of how innovation will benefit not only patients, but everyone who lives in our region. These and other companies are bringing jobs to our region, setting the stage for a culture of entrepreneurism that will continue to grow.

Innovative solutions are supporting the people who live and work in Rochester. We are excited about the changes that are evolving in our community, but we’re aware of the challenges that come with accelerated growth.

The Coalition for Rochester Housing was formed by the city of Rochester, Olmsted County, the Rochester Area Foundation and Mayo Clinic, with Mayo Clinic pledging $4 million of support over two years to create and preserve affordable housing in our community.

The Cradle to Career initiative is a community-wide effort to create the workforce of the future through programming designed to help Rochester’s kids succeed.

Mayo Clinic and Rochester Public Schools are making access to health care easier for Alternative Learning Center students through the new Mayo Clinic Student Health Services at the Alternative Learning Center.

These are projects that creatively and collaboratively address some of the challenges that come with growth and are designed to strengthen our community for all.

At Mayo Clinic, we are setting the course for our future strategy under the leadership of our president and CEO, Dr. Gianrico Farrugia. Mayo Clinic is committed to working with others to create the next generation of health care. The ultimate goal is to solve humanity’s most serious and complex medical challenges, and offer better health care at a lower cost, while keeping patients at the center of all we do.

Mayo will continue to invest in Rochester facilities, and emerging new technologies and platforms. These investments will ensure Mayo Clinic remains the world’s destination for medical care.

Our collective commitment to the DMC vision is critical to ensure a strong future for Rochester and Mayo Clinic. We want a vibrant and welcoming community for all who visit, live and work here. We are confident our region will continue to innovate, grow and thrive because of our collaborative efforts.

Jeff Bolton is chief administrative officer at Mayo Clinic.

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