Speeder tops 120 mph

Going 136 on 218 adds up to $382.

That how things added up for a 25-year-old Lyle man going for a spin on his motorcycle Tuesday.

A Mower County Sheriff's deputy sitting at the intersection of 218 and 120th Street at 6 p.m. saw Brandon James Jutzi speed by riding south, according to reports,

As he pursued him, the deputy found he could not catch up with Jutzi even though the deputy was driving at 120 mph.

When Jutzi was eventually pulled over in Lyle, he admitted to seeing the needle on his speedometer hit 136 during the chase. He also said riding so fast was "stupid."


He was cited for speeding, which adds up to a $382 fine. He was also cited for having drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana in his backpack.

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