Staying the course isn’t working

The pro-war and anti-war forces will continue to confront each other in the "never-ending" Iraq war. Both sides are frustrated, to say the least, just as was the case during the "never-ending" Vietnam war. Like Vietnam, this war will end when the anti-war forces, both in and out of the military, finally prevail.

This 80-year-old realist and world citizen has lived through the Great Depression and all the wars since. It seems that everyone takes a position on the war, either pro or con or "no opinion," which is still a position and it will continue to be very devisive.

"Staying the course" is not working! For President Bush it must be terribly frustrating with his repeating the same failures without achieving success. How much longer must the people of the world wait for "mission accomplished?"

Orin Doty


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