Stoplight won’t prevent tragedies

The new 55th St. N.W. extension to 48th St. N.E. needs to be looked at again for safety reasons. Installing a traffic light at U.S. 63 North and where the new road meets 48th St. N.E. is a total mistake.

You are causing more of a traffic delay there. The only way to make it safe and have the traffic flow is to put an overpass there. MnDOT plans to make that stretch a four-lane in the future, so work with them in doing that. The city engineers say it is the cost of putting a bypass there! So they are putting a price on lives lost.

How many lives need to be lost there? They believe that putting a traffic light there is the answer. Would you put a traffic light on U.S. 52 and 19th Street, 37th Street, 41st Street, 55th Street, and 75th Street?

I have been to two of the meetings, and issues are not listened to or the meeting is cut short. The money is there to build it safe! Don’t be in a hurry to build it and then later on have to redo it. Do it right the first time.

Thomas Vail



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