Survey looks at Grandma's habit of spoiling the kids

Associated Press

NEW YORK -- About 70 percent of mothers polled said their mothers spoil their children, according to a survey done by BabyTalk magazine.

The unscientific poll of almost 22,000, which is featured in BabyTalk's September issue, found that spoiling was the most divisive issue for mothers and grandmothers. Moms complained about grandmas who don't respect their daughters' rules and lavish gifts on the grandchildren.

About 80 percent see or talk to their mothers at least once a week.

Although 75 percent were raised practicing a religion, only 61 percent of mothers are raising their children in that faith.


About 56 percent said their relationship with their mothers improved after they had children.

More than a third listed babies' sleep habits as a major source of conflict with their mothers.

About 25 percent have argued with their mothers over feeding their babies.

About 10 percent reported conflict with their mothers over breast-feeding.

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