TABLESIDE Grandma's keeps the regulars coming

TABLESIDE Grandma's keeps the regulars coming

Jim Fritz, 43, owns Grandma's Kitchen in Rochester.

Q: Tell me a little bit about this place. restaurant business p Jim Fritz, 43, owns Grandma's Kitchen in Rochester.

Q: Tell me a little bit about this place.

A:Grandma's has been here officially since Jan. 1st of 1977. My father (Jim), this was his concept, and he and my mother (Lucy) started it. I've run it for approximately 19 years now -- my father passed away at the age of 48 and I just kind of took over the business. Grandma's is built on good staple foods, homemade food, consistent food every day, homemade soups, homemade pies, homemade specials every day, reasonable prices and real quality service. We've been here almost 30 years right now.


Q:When did you start working here?

A:I suppose about then -- let's see, I'm 43, it's been here about 30 years, so I was about 14. Too long (smiles)--I was kinda hoping that once I got my 30-year pin I can retire. Isn't that what most folks do? ... So I've been here quite a while myself. I left in the middle a little ways, my folks told me to go away and go to college, but they invited me home. But I did get a little experience out in the world. I was working at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and I worked in Chicago for a couple of years.

Q:It seems like you have a lot of regulars here, just from walking in.

A:Yeah, this restaurant is mainly regulars, locals -- a lot of locals. I do some advertising with our community having so many transients here for the Clinic. It seems like once they find Grandma's, they always come back. But if you walk through here right now, I probably know about everybody because there's a lot of regulars.

Q:For people who are your regulars, how often do you see them coming in, for more extreme examples?

A:Twice a day. Sometimes, like that one there (motions to a man he had been talking with earlier), he'll be three times today. He was here for breakfast, now lunch, and he'll be here after work, too.

Grandma's Kitchen is located at Silver Lake Center, 1514 N. Broadway.

--Matt Russell


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