TAKE FIVE - Liz Sherwood, Lourdes High senior

TAKE FIVE - Liz Sherwood, Lourdes High senior teen beat p Q: Describe yourself in one statement…

; A: I am energetic, I like to have fun and I like to try new things.

Q: Are you more of a girly-girl or an athlete?

A: I'd say in-between. I don't really like to wear dresses all the time, but sometimes I like to look nice. I really like to play sports and watch football. I grew up with football and I think it's really fun to watch. And sports are a good way to stay in shape and are fun to play with your friends.

Q: You play tennis and softball. If you could change any rule in either, which rule would it be and why?


A: Maybe in tennis I'd make the court bigger because I always hit the ball out.

Q: If you could change a rule of life, what would it be and why?

A: Just that everybody was happy and that you wouldn't have to worry about as much stuff. I just think that people need to be happier and not worry about so much stuff, just let it come to you when it's ready. And not to stress and let the bad things that happen bother you so much.

Q: What do you hope others think about you?

A: I hope they think I'm nice and fun to be around and that they know they can come to me if they need help with anything and that they can have trust in me.

Q: What's best about being you?

A: I have a lot of good friends to turn to if I need help. I like the sports I play and I love my family. I just think I'm very lucky to be where I am.

-- Andrea Faiad


Photo: Jerry Olson

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