Take Five with Nick Rea of Mayo

Nick Rea

Mayo High School sophomore

Q: How long do you have to know someone before you consider them a friend?

A: I make friends pretty quickly. Probably a week or so. I go to a camp in Colorado every summer without knowing anyone and I always make new friends.

Q: What is a book that you had to read for school that you enjoyed?


A: I know tons of kids didn’t like it, but I kind of enjoyed the "The Scarlet Letter." I’ve always been fascinated with Puritan colonies, and once you learn how to read Hawthorne’s writing it’s actually a great story. I also enjoyed "The Great Gatsby" because of its plot and characters.

Q: Would you ever go to a concert with your parents?

A: I’ve gone to many concerts with my parents. Really cool ones, too. We’ve seen the Flaming Lips, White Stripes, and pretty soon we’re going to Tapes ‘n Tapes. My parents enjoy the music that I like, and I think it’s great.

Q: What is the funniest movie that you’ve ever seen?

A: "The Big Lebowski." Jeff Bridges and John Goodman are hilarious, and I think it’s one of the Coen brothers’ best films.

Q: Do you like to save or spend your money?

A: Probably save money, especially now because I’m saving for a new guitar. It feels good to have a goal to work toward.

Q: Would you rather drive a really big truck or a small car?


A: A small car, because then I would pay less for gas. Most people don’t need big trucks, they just like the image that goes along with them.

Q: What activity could you do for 24 hours straight without being bored?

A: Play guitar, definitely. Either that or listen to my "desert island" albums, the ones that I can play over and over and always enjoy.

— Megan Wetzel

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