TANGENT PHOTOSHOPPING ON THE FAR SIDE: Love Gary Larson's Far Side cartoon? had a contest for the best Photoshop version of a classic Far Side cartoon. The Far Side Made Real contest is already closed, but it's well worth your time to check

"Making" friends: For all those geek-wanna-bes, here's a book to walk you through the epitome of cool geekdom –; building your own robots.

"The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots" by Gareth Branwyn really makes it easy to create cool, little bots such as "Mousey the junk bot," which is made from an old computer mouse and will always move toward a light source.

Branwyn has a true tech rep going back to his creation of BoingBoing magazine back in the late 1980s and his ongoing contributions to Wired and other geek publications.

The well-designed book is made even better by the use of freaky drawings by fellow Wired/BoingBoing icon Mark Frauenfelder.

It is published by Que and is available for $18.95.


LANGUAGE MALFUNCTION: Here's the most wildy inappropriate and technically accurate use of an over-used phrase: A young mother describes her infant daughter's leaky diaper as a "wardrobe malfunction." If anyone needed another signal that the Jackson/Timberlake intentional mistake is now a thing of the distant past, this is it.

FREE PIZZA: People with celiac disease can't eat food with gluten in it. Things with wheat, oats, barley and similar grains have gluten in them. This mean most celiac sufferers can't eat regular pizza because the crust is gluten-loaded. In Rochester, gluten-free pizza is available on Tuesdays at the Pizza Man pizzeria in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center. The crust is made at the Bread Baker next door, which creates gluten-free products on Tuesdays.

-- Jeff Kiger

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