TANGENT Presenting: Mini-rants

I couldn't think of just one topic to rant about this week, so instead I present to you a few "mini-rants" about various topics.

Has anyone noticed that fighting games are all starting to look the same? I saw a trailer for "Tekken 5" on an Electronic Gaming Monthly DVD and could've sworn I was watching "Soul Calibur 2." I'm really starting to wonder if the game makers have hit a brick wall in terms of innovation. Where do they go from here?

I've decided the dialogue in "Katamari Damacy" is either the best or worst Japanese translation I've ever seen. Either way, it's freaking hilarious.

Back to that EGM DVD: I think the boys at "Mega64" are losing their touch. "Metal Gear Solid" parody? Hilarious. "Tetris" parody? Awesome. Nonsensical "Dig Dug" and "Frogger" parodies? Not so much.

I learned recently not to introduce people to "Donkey Konga" by going head-to-head in two-player battle mode. I think I made fellow Game Stationer NoisyNinja's head explode as he was trying to figure out which bongo to hit while trying to follow his part of the song at the same time.


Fellow RPG fans, be sure to check out a couple fun, free and simple RPGs available online: Kingdom of Loathing ( and Peasant's Quest ( Both are nice parodies of classic RPGs.

That's all for this week. Vivi out.

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