TANGENT Ron Ray, 33, server at Dunn Bros. in Rochester

TANGENT Ron Ray, 33, server at Dunn Bros. in Rochesterp Halloween: Spooky. Candy. The Boogie Man. The big guys stealing my pillow case with candy. I was in an alley, me and two other little guys, and four kids took all of our pillow cases. I did all the work, and they got all the booty.

Someone who looks like they're in a costume: I'm thinking John Kerry. The mask. Why the long face John?

Someone who should wear a mask: Me after midnight.

Someone who should never cover up: My wife will probably read this … J.; Lo. (Laughs.)

Your favorite costume: I had a Superman costume one year. I had a coat with a shirt that was open and you could see the "S" and I had a cape hanging out of my blazer. And I won. I won the contest. I was about 26.


The costume you wish you'd worn: The Chip 'N Dales dancer costume. That'd be scary though.

Your worst costume: Zombie dead guy, you know, you put the white make-up and tear your clothes up and you become an insta-zombie.

Biggest scare of your life: My son stuck two keys into the light socket. I heard a pop. He said, came with little black marks on his fingers and said, "I did something really bad." That was the scare of my life up to this point.

Best trick you ever played: One time I put a rubber band around the squirter nozzle. I'm not very tricky.

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