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It seems like every video game gets a sequel, but that's not the case. Some of the best games, such as "Beyond Good &; Evil," won't see a second chapter. Which games do you think merit a sequel?

I think "Rez" deserves a sequel. That was a game that had some great potential. It was really fun, but it ends rather abruptly.

Did "Space Invaders" have a sequel? I always thought it'd be neat if the aliens landed and you had to battle them on Earth.

That's a cool idea. There have been plenty of "Space Invaders" remakes, but I don't think there are any true sequels.

I'd also love a sequel to the old arcade game "Battlezone." As someone who loved driving the tank in "Grand Theft Auto III," I can say that we definitely need more tank games.


There actually were some sequels to "Battlezone," but nothing for current systems. The most recent was "Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs" on Nintendo 64. That game got some pretty mixed reviews, though, so it might disappoint you.

I'd like to see a sequel to "Claymates." It was fun being a little blob of clay and merging with other blobs of clay to become different things. The possibilities were endless.

I think we need a sequel to "Ice Climbers." But I say gut the game and start over. Turn it into an explorer game, kind of like "Tomb Raider." The game could emphasize its two-player mode, where both people would explore the mountain together.

There aren't enough cooperative two-player games. Most games, you have to fight or race against each other. A two-player adventure game could be fun.

Sadly, though, I think these ideas are pretty unrealistic. Generally speaking, if we haven't seen a sequel by now, we're probably not going to.

Maybe. "Final Fantasy X" had a sequel, but I think it needs a prequel. I want to see the first pilgrimage to defeat Sin, with Jecht, Auron and Lord Braska. I think it would be awesome to see the story before the story.

"Kid Icarus" could use another sequel, too. The first game came out in 1986, and it only saw one sequel in 1991. Nearly an entire generation has passed since the first installment, so I say work with that and have Pit and his son fighting Medusa's resurrected army.

Do you think that's wise? Pit has been molting for almost 20 years. That can't be pretty.


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