TANGENT The text of the following Vent comes from a concerned motorist who is very likely expressing the same sentiments many of us share these days on the roads of Rochester. (Note: Some of this text was edited for family consumption, but we're sure you

This Vent is dedicated to all those people who cannot figure out how to maneuver around the construction that is being done on Second Street between Mayo Clinic and the Plummer building. For some reason, those people that are heading west and are in the left lane, just off Broadway or 1st Avenue, seem to think that the street merges into one lane plus the left turning lane, so they (obviously being impared apparently by the only construction in Rochester they've noticed) drive straight into the right lane! Even though there are solid white stripes following the contour of the construction area, indicating that there are two (the turning lane is the left lane, you idiots)!

Whenever I'm driving home I essentially have to take 2nd Street to get there. The past week I have had three near misses! Three! People need to figure out how to drive their vehicles and look at the road every once in a while.

It's not that hard to figure out. The other morning I was walking by the intersection and there was only one lane of traffic because idiots couldn't figure this area out. The left lane at the construction area was completely empty! But everyone was crossing the left lane into the right. Traffic was backed up to Broadway because of it! Yes, there is an arrow indicating that the right lane needs to move to the left; it does not, however, say MERGE (which means lanes are being reduced)!

This is not a very large intersection. How can so many people be so clueless about how to properly get around it. And what gets me is that these people don't think that they're doing anything wrong. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that they don't have to get on U.S. 52!



-- 'HeDog', Rochester

And to continue Emily's theme from last week, our own Rick Dahl enters the dignified fray with this notion:


I thought Emily Otto's observation about Shakespeare's similarity to rap music was pretty interesting.

In fact, I've always thought that "The Sopranos" holds an epic modern-day Shakespearian quality. Moral dilemmas, wanton violence, love, greed, lust, betrayal and revenge ... sure sounds like Shakespeare to me. -- Or is it the "Sopranos?" The answer is "yes."

And do these characters seem at all similar to you?:

Tony Soprano: A combination of King Henry IV, Falstaff and MacBeth

Carmela Soprano: Cleopatra / Desdemona


Christopher: Banquo

"Uncle Junior" Soprano: Prospero

Dr. Melfi: Gonzalo

Livia (Tony's Mother): Shylock

Silvio: Horatio

Gabriella: Brutus

Furio: Laertes

Ralphie: Iago


Uncle Pussy: Duncan

Meadow: Miranda

Pauly: Polonius

Maybe Shakespeare is everywhere.

-- Rick Dahl, Rochester

Has it been a while since you've Vented? If so, try driving our city streets (take your pick, you're bound to find construction sooner or later), and a Vent is almost guaranteed to surface. Send your voices to Vent at And stay in the proper lane, please.

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