TANGENT There's no truth to the rumor that more-than adequate Vent-ilation is required to read Vents. However, a helmet and knee and elbow pads might be wise for added safety. Steve makes a valid point in the following:

Dear Vent:

I just finished reading the Vent II in the Tangent section of the April 23 edition of the Post-Bulletin. The Vent was concerning folks riding their bicycles on the road instead of the bicycle path.

The person did not have the "you know whats" to have their name printed so I can't exactly direct this at a specific person. Instead, I will direct it at idiots in general.

Dear Idiots:

If you would buckle your seat belt, hang up your damn cell phone, put down your double bacon cheeseburger, slow down to something that is in close proximity to the speed limit, leave for your destination more than 30 seconds before you need to be there and concentrate on the task at hand -- namely driving your vehicle -- you wouldn't have to worry about distractions on the road.


Oh, and by the way, those folks on their bicycles have every legal right to ride their bicycles on the road.

Nuff said!

Signed with conviction enough to sign my name.

-- Steve Boyd, Rochester

Continuing down the same bike path, we have the following:

Dear Vent:

Because of your recent plea I thought I'd dig up a few Vents. My first is in response to the guy complaining about bikes being on the road -- he should take that up with his lawmakers. On most Minnesota roads bikes have the same legal right to be there as cars do. Besides, when gas gets to three bucks a gallon he might be interested in some two-wheel transportation himself.

And speaking of lawmakers, one would think that our Honorable Representative Bradley (who has a first name of "Fran") would think twice before making fun of anyone else's name. Doesn't that seem like common sense?


And speaking of common sense, if it is true that the Wal-Mart owners make their campaign contributions exclusively to Republicans, then wouldn't it make sense that some people might consider shopping somewhere else? Someplace a little more local?

Please sign me

-- "Keech (first name Marty and, yes, I know what that rhymes with)."

Writing at least one Vent per week meets the minimum daily requirements as established by the Tangent staff, and they are low in carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fat. (This message has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.)

You feel like you just gotta Vent? To do so is easy. Type it up, e-mail it to, and if it's in good taste, free of libelous material and harmful bacteria, we'll consider it for publication.

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