TANGENT Web cam views hardly exciting

I grew up in Montana, so when I need a glimpse of home, I visit a Web cam the National Weather Service has posted atop a building on the banks of the Yellowstone River. It doesn't show much other than the river, a bridge and some foilage, but it's a familiar sight from home.

Web cams around Rochester aren't much better. Dyanmic views these are not. At some sites, it's the modern day version of watching paint dry. But if it's your paint and it makes you feel good, take a visit. Here's a rundown of spots to sample what's going on in and near Rochester:

KTTC's weather cams will often give you a glimpse of the weather, but with overcast or frosting days, sometimes all we see are clouds or ice. Or stop over to view Interstate 90 in Austin. They also include a shot of St. Ansgar, Iowa. The downtown camera in Rochester gives good shots of the skyline. The Rochester Signal Hill shot is less compelling, more barren.


Peace Plaza

It's awfully quiet out there. But it's winter. Look around at lunchtime in the summer for good people watching opps.

Civic Center Drive

A Post-Bulletin Web cam gives you a gander at the Silver Lake Power Plant. See smoke, see it rise. Watch the cars try to beat the traffic light at East Center Street and Civic Center Drive.

U.S. 52 cameras

MnDOT's nine cameras are posted along U.S. 52 from 75th Street Northwest to U.S. 63 and U.S. 52. The grainy look gives you a glimpse at traffic for the moment, but there's not much else on everyone's favorite multi-million dollar highway.

ADVERTISEMENT, click southeast on the map and click on the "camera" link.

Curious about construction going up in Rochester or elsewhere? If it's Knutson Construction, you can see the progress of several of their projects via Web cams, including Austin Medical Center of Mayo Health System and Olmsted National Bank's new headquarters in west Rochester.

John Weiss, our intrepid reporter about all things in nature, highlighted this one recently. Who doesn't love the otters? And here you can visit them without the smell. Oxbow Park's Zollman Zoo near Byron has the Otter Cam and plans to put more Web cameras in and around the zoo and park, Weiss reported.

Winona State University

Remember those fond days on campus? Take a look. But on a dreary, drizzly day last week, all we saw was water-streaked windows and the profile of some campus building, mostly shrouded in gray.


Welch Village

Welch Village lets you look at the weather report and a tiny frame shot of one of their slopes, refreshing every five minutes.

; If you look a little further or have a hankering for a glimpse Up North, there are lots of Web cams out there showing some of the lakes of northern Minnesota. You can even visit what's going on at the Northwest Angle. Google what you're looking for. There are lots of sites that organize Web cams for different states or locales:

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