TANGENT You can't always get what you want -- which really sucks

Otacon: In an ideal world, every game would be available for every console. But that's just not the case. Which games do you with were available for your console of your choice?

Vivi: I wish "Fable" was on PlayStation 2. That's one of those games that's really tempted me to buy an Xbox.

NoisyNinja: I'm not sure I can really answer this question, because I don't play games for systems I don't have. So I'm not necessarily informed about the greatest Xbox or GameCube games.

Otacon: But what are the games you've seen or heard about and thought, "I wish that was on PlayStation 2."

Vivi: I can think of some games NoisyNinja would like for PlayStation 2. There's that crazy mech game for Xbox, "Steel Battalion," not to mention "Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball."


NoisyNinja: True. And one of the franchises I've really missed is "Donkey Kong Country." I loved those games on my old Super Nintendo, but now there's not even a "Donkey Kong Country" game on GameCube. What happened to that franchise?

Otacon: I'm not entirely sure. I think it evolved into "Donkey Kong 64," which flopped. You can still find "Donkey Kong Country" games, but only on Game Boy Advance.

Vivi: It's not just Xbox games I lust after. There are some PC games I wish were on consoles. "American McGee's Alice" is one of them.

NoisyNinja: But don't you already have that game? If you own it for PC, why would you want to buy it again?

Vivi: Because I can't figure out how to jump right with the arrow keys and space bar. I know I'd enjoy that game if I just had a controller with an analog stick.

NoisyNinja: We should mention that some games do show up on multiple platforms, even when you don't expect them to. For example, "Resident Evil 4" was only for GameCube, but now it's coming to PS2 as well.

Otacon: That's a good point, but I don't think I'm going to play "Knights of the Old Republic" on my GameCube any time soon.

Vivi: You know, someone has to say this, so it might as well be me. One of us really needs to get an Xbox. This isn't a very balanced column.


NoisyNinja: So YOU'RE the ethical one. I figured there was one in the group -- and I knew it wasn't me.

Otacon: Yeah. We knew that, too.

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