Teenager who had been missing is found

By Janice Gregorson

The Post-Bulletin

A Rochester teenager was found safe today after being missing from his parents home for more than 24 hours.

"There was some citizen that saw the vehicle and called it in," the teen’s father, Ramiro Duenes, said this afternoon from Saint Marys Emergency Department.

Jonathan Duenes, 17, left home about 4 a.m. Wednesday after apparently becoming upset by a conversation with his parents.


Judy and Ramiro Duenes earlier this morning had said their son had suffered depression, and they believe he isn’t taking his medication.

Jonathan was hospitalized about a month and was released Monday, Ramiro said.

"He has suffered from depression before," Judy Duenes said, "but in the last six months, it has gotten worse, and he has withdrawn into himself."

The parents said they talked with their son about the need to stay on his medications.

"He didn’t want to be in the hospital or take the pills," Ramiro said.

It was about 4 a.m. Wednesday when, Ramiro Duenes said, he heard his 22-year-old daughter yell, "Jonathan!" He got to the front door just as his son was backing the family car out of the driveway.

The parents called police shortly after their son left. Ramiro Duenes said law enforcement agencies throughout the country were alerted to watch for the car.

The father expressed joy that Jonathan is safe. "He has turned up. We’re just so relieved about it," Ramiro said.

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