Terrell Owens? Enough already

The difference between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots?

Well, this. Name me one wide receiver who plays for the Patriots.

And then there's Terrell Owens.

Take him, please.

It's not even Super Bowl week yet and already I'm sick and tired of hearing about Terrell ("me comes first'') Owens.


Bet you are, too.

Owens severely sprained his right ankle and fractured his lower right fibula in a Dec. 19 game against the Dallas Cowboys. Even without their star receiver the Eagles somehow -- shall we call it a miracle? -- beat the Vikings and Falcons to advance to the Super Bowl, where they'll play the Patriots on Feb. 6.

But is Owens going to be ready to play?

He says, yes.

His surgeon says he won't clear Owens to play.

The Eagles' head trainer, Rick Burkholder, talks about the "risk-reward'' of Owens playing.

TV cameras, radio microphones and writer's notebooks are all over the story.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said he'll wait and see.


Eagles fans are biting their nails in anticipation. Will he or won't he?

The rest of us? We'll yell and scream and kick our feet everytime there's another Owen's story and yearn for the days when all we had to talk about was Randy Moss' shenanigans in Green Bay.

Paul Christian

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