The Minnesota Twins won't be contracted. That's the good news. The bad news is that we still don't know if this area will get a chance to watch 'em this summer on TV.

Both Fox Sports Net and the new Victory Sports are claiming rights to their telecasts and without going into detail, the matter is in the court of judge David Doty. He heard the arguments in late December but has yet to rule.

If FSN gets the rights, no problem. That network is available on Charter Communications.

Victory Sports? That's a new network and isn't seen locally. University of Minnesota men's basketball games are on Victory Sports and you remember how tough it was to get those games to be shown here.

If there's not a ruling by the start of the season, the games will be seen on FSN.

And if you're a Twins' fan, you might want to pull for Fox Sports Net. That way most of the games this summer will be guaranteed.


With Victory Sports you never know.

Paul Christian

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