'Dateline' investigates case of Sarah Jean Hartsfield, former Minnesotan accused of killing husband

'In Friday’s all-new Dateline, Keith Morrison embarks on a cross-country investigation to unravel her mysterious past.'

Sarah Hartsfield
Former Douglas County resident Sarah Hartsfield has been charged with murdering her husband in Chambers County, Texas.
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ALEXANDRIA, Minn. — A murder case involving a former Minnesota resident will be examined by NBC's "Dateline" Friday night, April 28, at 8 p.m.

Correspondent Keith Morrison will conduct a cross-country investigation to unravel the case of Sarah Jean Hartsfield , a former Douglas County resident.

"When a woman's fifth husband dies in a hospital under suspicious circumstances, an investigation reveals a checkered past full of spurned lovers and wild allegations," said Dateline in a description of a video sneak peak of Friday's episode.

Hartsfield stands accused in Texas of killing her husband and is alleged to have told one of her ex-husband he wasn't allowed to come home unless he killed the wife of another ex-husband.

"We heard so many strange and conflicting stories, for a while we didn't know what to believe," said Morrison, in a voiceover of a teaser video for the episode. "We decided to conduct our own investigation into Sarah Jean. What was true, and what was not? Finding out would be a long, strange trip indeed."


Dateline's episode description:

When Army intelligence veteran and mother-of-four Sarah Jean Hartsfield brings her comatose husband to the hospital, the emergency room staff suspects foul play and contacts local investigators. In Friday’s all-new Dateline, Keith Morrison embarks on a cross-country investigation to unravel her mysterious past.

Tonight, the April 21 Dateline NBC episode airs at 9PM ET/8PM CT. Keith Morrison reports from Baytown, Texas and Douglas County, Minnesota and across the U.S.. Featuring Interviews with Sarah’s daughter Ashley Donohue and son Ryan Donohue, foster parent Barbara Stuart, Chambers County D.A. Cheryl Lieck and more. You can watch previous episodes at NBC and Peacock . For more Dateline, check out the official podcast .

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