Time apart seasons relationship

By Elizabeth M. Jones

Sara Feyereisn and Brian Lewis met through the track team their junior year of high school and, though they dated, they thought graduation would mark the end of their relationship.

"We pretty much totally broke up when I went to college," Sara says.

Both are originally from St. Charles, and their track teams practiced together during high school.


In spring 1998, the two had their first date together. "He asked me to prom but I had a prom date," Sara says. But that didn’t matter to Brian, and the two went out the day after instead.

"I don’t really get into prom kind of things, so it wasn’t that big of a deal," he says.

Then graduation came, and the two went their separate ways. Sara attended the University of Minnesota, then Bethel College. Brian stayed in St. Charles and attended college in Rochester.

"We were on and off for three years, then we both got into serious relationships for three or four years," Sara says. "It was always a timing thing."

Then one evening Brian happened to call Sara on a night she was in town, and the two decided to meet up with some friends and have dinner together.

"That was last August, and since then it’s been pretty fast," Sara says. But the couple doesn’t think that their time apart weakened their relationship.

"It’s better now than it ever was before; we’ve learned things through our other relationships and our life experience," Sara says.

Brian made his proposal in December 2007, surprising Sara by showing up on a day when she worked particularly late. She was in the Twin Cities, and had to work until 3 a.m. Brian had plans to meet her, but not until the next day. Instead, Sara found him waiting for her when she got back home.


He had flowers waiting for her on the door that led in from the garage, and also had a meal, music, wine and candles prepared. Then he made his proposal. "We were talking about it, so I thought it was coming in the next month or two," Sara says, "but that day I didn’t expect it all."

They enjoy hiking and going on walks together, as well as grilling out during the summer. They both like participating in their fantasy football league, and watch a lot of sports together.

Sara is a nurse at Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester, and Brian is a salesman and estimator at King Lumber.

The two will be married today at Somerby Golf Club in Byron.

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