When the city worked on 18th Avenue Northwest, they planted trees, but on some of the blocks it appears that they never finished filling In the dirt between the trees. It doesn’t look very good. Is there a reason for not finishing the job? -- A curious neighbor

The overall reconstruction project that started in 2018 and continued through most of 2020 evidently has a few items that still need to be completed.

I’ll admit that I’ve driven along 18th Avenue since the work was completed and don’t recall seeing dirt that needed to be replaced, unless the city were to opt to fill the pre-existing trenches along the street.

I had one of my minions reach out about the tree plantings, and he was told that an inspector will walk the site now that it's spring to create a landscaping “punch list” of projects remaining to be completed before the books can be closed on the project.

Like me, Public Works staff said they don’t recall seeing unfinished dirt work around the trees, but if it’s an issue, it will make the list.

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The work city staff said they know will be on the list is the replacement of a few trees and some plants, as well as reinstalling some concrete panels.

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