Work has started on Valleyhigh Road as it connects to Oxbow Park. Do you know how long the road will be closed and what’s being done? -- Detoured driver

I do, but I suppose you want an answer that’s longer than that.

The work that started Monday on what is also known as County State Aid Highway 4 is a $9.8 million project that includes a realignment to improve sight distances and widening of the shoulders to improve safety. It will also improve drainage and improve the roadway surface.

In addition to the work on CSAH 4, the county is making improvements on County Road 5 as it enters Oxbow Park.

The work was supposed to start earlier this year but was delayed. I asked one of my minions about that delay, and he said Olmsted County Engineer Ben Johnson reports the later-than-expected start is largely connected to permitting requirements for realigning a stream near the County Road 5 portion of the project.

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The work was initially expected to be completed this year, but it is now being split between two years.

The contractor, Hoffman Construction, is required to have the CSAH 4 graded with culverts in place by mid-November, when the road will open with a gravel surface for the winter.

In the spring, it will close again to be paved, with the goal of reopening in mid-August 2022.

Olmsted County State Aid Highway 4 Road Construction
Olmsted County State Aid Highway 4 Road Construction

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