Traffic delays likely

Roadwork will start Monday on three heavily traveled Rochester streets, and it will delay but not block traffic.

On each street, the work is expected to last about three weeks.

The roads being repaired include:

Second Street Southwest, between 11th and 14th avenues;

16th Avenue Northwest, from Civic Center Drive to First Avenue Southwest;


Elton Hills Drive, from U.S. 52 to Broadway.

Each of the streets will be milled, meaning the pavement is removed, to depths of 11⁄2; to 3 inches. Each, then, will be paved with new asphalt.

Buses routinely travel each of the streets. Rochester City Lines plans to maintain its bus routes and stops despite the roadwork.

Depending on the progress of construction, buses may have to stop in travel lanes to pick up and drop off passengers.

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