Trivia: Martin Lawrence

By Todd Davis

McClatchy Newspapers

Martin Lawrence celebrates his 42nd birthday this month. How much do you know about the comedian and actor?

1. The son of a U.S. serviceman, Lawrence was born overseas. In which country was Lawrence born?

a. Germany


b. England

c. Turkey

d. Italy

2. What was the last name of the main character Martin Lawrence played on his TV show "Martin"?

a. Bonner

b. Lewis

c. Rivers

d. Payne


3. Lawrence hosted "Saturday Night" Live once in 1994 but was reportedly banned from the show for talking on the air about what?

a. Female hygiene

b. John Belushi’s death

c. NBC’s election coverage

d. Corrupt policemen

4. Which of the following movies was not a film Lawrence appeared in early in his career?

a. "House Party"

b. "Do the Right Thing"


c. "Boomerang"

d. "Juice"

5. Lawrence’s first wife, Patricia Southall, married which football player after divorcing Lawrence?

a. Emmitt Smith

b. Jerry Rice

c. Barry Sanders

d. Steve McNair



1. a. Germany

2. d. Payne

3. a. Female hygiene

4. d. "Juice"

5. a. Emmitt Smith

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