TV -- New faces mingle with old favorites

Next week will mark the start of a very important season.

Maybe you guessed football, or high school hockey? No on both counts.

Can you think of anything that is far more superior? That's right, it is the kick off of a brand new season of your favorite TV shows.

Oh yes, my friends, no more reruns for you. In fact your favorites are returning, alongside many new shows you can add to your list of things to do besides schoolwork. Incidentally, these shows will again be replacing the shows that got the boot halfway through last year.

According to rating statistics, NBC is possibly the most-watched network. Unfortunately, Tuesday night on NBC is sadly Thursday night rejects. These throwaway shows once aired during the desirable prime time of Thursday. It's no longer "Must-See-TV," as it is just "See-TV."


However, on this night you can view shows such as "Fraiser," which is returning for its incredible 11th season. I actually stopped watching this show about half a decade ago due to the parochial plots. "Good Morning Miami," which I am surprised to see return, has also been moved into the Tuesday night reject pile.

Although NBC may put its reject shows on Tuesday night, the WB does not.

The night kicks off with the sensational "Gilmore Girls." The show highlights a mother and daughter who are best friends and find joy in shamelessly mocking the town folk.

Following "Gilmore Girls" is the hit drama "Smallville." This show takes you back to the teenage days of Superman before he donned the red and blue spandex unitard. What an excellent new twist on an old comic book classic.

Also on the WB this year, keep an eye out for the debut series "Tarzan," also from the creators of "Smallville." This new program will follow Tarzan in modern day New York. His habits will teeter between vigilantism and old fashioned heroics.

More hit shows will be returning to NBC on Wednesday, a night typically packed with dramas. Ironically enough, the night is kicked off with the comedy "Ed," which will be returning for its fourth season.

The Emmy Award winning drama "The West Wing," followed by "Law &; Order," is also returning this year. You'll be able to see all 25 variations of "Law &; Order" throughout the season.

Last but not least, the piece de resistance. The day that you cram all your studying into a five-minute period, the night that shamed Tuesday night for even airing shows. That's right, the infamous Thursday night "Must-See-TV," the night that is even "super-sized" on those rare, yet wonderful occasions.


This glorious night will again begin with the 10th and final season of "Friends." As "Friends" draws its final curtain, many questions have been raised. "What will the world be like without the show?"

Well, the answer is simple; the world will clearly be thrown off its axis due to the lack of comedic balance.

Evidently, reruns just won't cut it. NBC can bring on new comedies this season; unfortunately the truth is many of the newbies just won't make it through the year.

"Friends" will, however, be followed by returning shows such as "Scrubs" and "Will &; Grace." And yet another new show "Coupling" will be debuting on Thursday nights in the "Just Shoot Me" time slot. That was until viewers did what they had asked and did in fact shoot them.

"ER" will again be closing the night of comedy with drama, of course.

Don't forget to look for "Miss Match" debuting on Friday nights. It's a show about a divorce lawyer turned matchmaker, starring Alicia Silverstone.

For all the TV trivia maniacs, the show is actually based on a true story. Imagine that, what genius put reality on TV?

Due to the lack of space, Saturday, and Sunday were omitted from my list, along with 500 other channels.


If you are really that interested order TV Guide.

So cram for that test, finish that last-minute paper, pop some popcorn and get ready for another season of TV.

Ashley Wong is a junior at Mayo High School. To respond to an opinion column, call 252-1111, category TEEN (8336); write Teen Beat, Post-Bulletin, P.O. Box 6118, Rochester, MN 559036118 or send e-mail to

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