Twins lose to Yankees, must win today

Minnesota falls 8-4 in Game 3

Knight Ridder Newspapers

MINNEAPOLIS -- Twins fans started heading for the Metrodome exits after the seventh inning Friday night.

And their team will be right behind them tonight if it can't do more against a healthy Javier Vazquez than it did Friday night against a guy with a broken hand and a sore back. And if Johan Santana doesn't succeed today doing something he never has done in his career.

The New York Yankees' surprisingly easy 8-4 victory sent the Twins to the brink of elimination in a year of World Series expectations, and started television network executives frothing at the mouth at the prospect of a Yankees rematch with the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series.


"We've been in worse situations," Twins right fielder Jacque Jones said.

Yeah? Not even contraction seemed this imminent.

The Twins' best chance to beat the Yankees in the series went up in the smoke of five consecutive two-out singles in the second inning, starting with the bottom four in the batting order, off Carlos Silva, whose pitch quality looked remarkably similar to his five-up, five-down start to the game.

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